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Sign Waving Mannequins are the Advertising tools of the 21st Century

The Sign Doll gives you an edge over your competitors. It saves you money while also bringing in more customers than any arrow sign or employee can.

Sign Waving Mannequin

The Sign Waving Mannequin, a New Advertising Model

The Sign Dolls is like an Arrow Spinner but without all of the Headaches!

  • Change your advertisement sign whenever and to whatever you want
  • Never any employee problems
  • No insurance and liability costs
  • No workers compensation
  • A nonstop sign waving robot that spins your message at ALL TIMES
  • No Breaks or Vacation times ever
  • Don’t pay thousands of dollars on an employee to hold a sign
  • Don’t deal with lazy, incompetent arrow spinners


Expand Today and Increase Profit!

The Sign Doll is a more cost efficient and productive way to advertise your business. You will make back the money you invest in a Sign Doll in no time at all. Many people passing by the Robotic Sign Waving Doll stop to take photos and share what they see with there friends. No only does that equal free marketing, it also drives more customers into your store.

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The Sign Waving Mannequin Is a Revolutionary Method to Advertise Your Business

Business ventures in today’s generation are spreading. There are different approaches that advertising companies use to attract their clients and prospective users. If you are an owner of a big company and you have incompetent employees who are always whining about their work, you need to find alternative solutions on advertising your company or product. One of the revolutionary methods in today’s generation in advertising businesses and organizations is the Sign Spinning Mannequin.

A dancing mannequin is the most popular and promising way to endorse and promote a certain company and business. Companies are now using a sign doll because of their amazing and reliable features and benefits. The application and technology that have been used in the mannequin is very essential to all companies and businesses.

Companies and businesses use a spinning mannequin due to the essential advantages and benefits that this tool provides.  A dancing mannequin is dressed up according to the nature of the company and business. Thus, companies and other businesses do not have to deal with their incompetent employees. With the help of the mannequin, the company or any business can earn more money in just a little span of time. The sign moving mannequin is beneficial for all companies and businesses that wish to improve their popularity in different parts of the world.

A sign doll is unique and comes with a great deal of benefits. Even if they are just mannequins, they can accomplish and attain all the works of a normal employee. However, a motorized sign waver exceeds the expectations of anyone who uses this revolutionary advertising technique. Companies and businesses nowadays are embracing this kind of advertising technique. Companies that engage into this kind of advertising technique can lessen complaints and texts and phone calls than normal employees.

With a mechanical sign waving mannequin, companies get the protection and safety that they need from ill with ill intentions. If you engage into this revolutionize advertising method, you can save money and time. If you want to promote and spread your business or organization, use a robot spinning mannequin. The benefits and abilities of the robotic mannequin that waves a sign are extremely essential for those individuals who will engage into business ventures and for those companies that want to promote and spread their popularity.

One of the best useful benefits of the motorized waving mannequin is its ability to move its arms with your company or business signage. The affordability of the mechanical sign spinning mannequin is another essential importance of it. The mechanical sign waving mannequin can be used indoors and outdoors. The installation process of the sign wavering mannequin is very simple and quick. The sign wavering mannequin lasts up to 10 hours of usage, though this depends on how long you are going to use it. The sign wavering mannequin only requires one charging then it lasts up to ten hours of usage. With the help of this tool, you can make sure that you will not only save money and space, but you’ll also increase the popularity and sales of your business.

Get Non-Stop Advertising with a Sign Doll!

It doesn’t matter if you call it a sign waver, robotic sign spinner, sign waving robot, sign twirler, robotic waver, mechanical sign waver, or a sign-waving mannequin, it should all come down to one thing: Does it get you the attention you need?
Our Sign Dolls will not only grab the attention of potential customers driving or walking by, but do so in an highly efficient, attractive, and cost-effective way.

Human sign spinner employees may start with the upbeat energy you would expect to be paying for, but the truth is that their energy level will only go degrade as the day wears on. Not everyone has the endurance to hold up a large sign for hours on end without getting tired. Why throw away your hard-earned dollars at an employee who will give anything less than 100% all the time?

Whether your sign waving needs involve a costume or not, the bottom line is that you want the final product to look good. Our Sign Dolls all come with the same beautiful face and will look good in any outfit you line up for them. Can you say the same of your current human sign spinner?
What does it cost for a good-looking girl to stand in front of your business for 10 hours a day waving your sign with the same level of enthusiasm from opening to closing? The one time price of a Sign Doll! In fact, Sign Dolls will pay for themselves in under a month of operation versus the cost to employ a human sign spinner!!

Customers from all over the country have praised their Sign Doll as a game-changer for their business by dramatically boosting their foot-traffic and making them the most popular business on the block. Some have even become local celebrities with names!

Not only will your Sign Doll be the best employee you ever had, but it will also be the best decision you ever made for your wallet.